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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Save and Win : Banking on National Bonds - part 1

Putting away some money regularly is an ideal way to build up your savings for a rainy day, but sometimes it’s difficult to keep that commitment wouldn’t you say? 

If keeping cash in banks has you wondering whether the interest you are being paid is decent enough then one possible solution may be to look into National bonds. With relative safety at least you have a chance of winning cash prizes since National Bonds is now quadrupling its prize draws from monthly to weekly. With no income or job requirement, anyone can purchase national bonds, whether a resident, non-resident or UAE national. Not only does it offer a unique opportunity to save, and win, but it is also a Shariah compliant product which will within its programme of investments actively support the development and improvement of infrastructure within the local community. With National Bonds you are eligible to win not just once, but every week, for as long as you hold your Bonds. Each individual Bond is eligible to win one prize in every draw. It is anticipated that National Bonds will fulfill some of the demand for more diverse savings opportunities. In addition the capital leveraged from the scheme will be utilised for the benefit and development of the area. And why not! 

National Bonds Corporation has so far succeeded in securing 10 per cent of the UAE’s population as its market share in reaching half a million bond holders from over 91 nationalities of which 35 per cent are non-residents. The beauty of the product is that it allows a potential investor to save as much as they want or as little as Dh100. The bonds offer participants a safe and credible savings option whilst simultaneously providing people with a unique opportunity to win millions of dirhams in draws. With a commitment to give out annual returns to customers on their deposits, comparable to those offered by bank saving accounts. Each National Bond is an investment certificate and is included in every draw until it is redeemed.


National Bonds is a private joint stock company that was established in March 2006. The company’s main shareholders are Government of Dubai, Dubai Holding Company, Emaar Properties Company and Dubai Bank which are all overseen by the UAE Central Bank which means National Bonds Corporation is subject to the same regulatory procedures as other financial institutions here.

Rajiv Shah
Head - Life and Pensions
Earnest Insurance Brokers

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